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Nov. 2017 MAKE-IT case studies about the HRW FabLab
"Sozilaforschungsstelle Dortmund" evaluated the HRW FabLab in a European project.
On you can find the "Case study" How to Make (Almost) Anything - HRW Lab, Bottrop (DE)
and the overall report.

Logo Make-IT



October 2017
Marcel Kellner represents the HRW FabLab in Moulins, France.

September 2017
THINK BIG: New 3D printer in operation
Finally, we can also print large components. With a construction space of 150 x 100 x 90 cm we have new possibilities in our FabLab team.
BigBox 150, unser neuer 3D-Drucker

August 2017

Diploma handover at the FAB 13 in Santiago de Chile

After half a year of exhausting work, all of our candidates have passed the FabAcademy.
Now they received the certificates from Neil Gershenfeld (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Congratulations to Aleksandra Konopek, Marcel Kellner and Florian Paproth!
Thanks also to our FabLab instructor Tobias Poppe.
Diplomübergabe an Florian Paproth
Diplomübergabe für Alexandra Konopek an Tobias Poppe

Diploma handocer

Diplomübergabe an Marcel Kellner
Gruppenfoto der graduierten

23. Juni 2017

Final presentations Fabacademy 2017

We are proud of our Fabacademy participants Marcel Kellner, Florian Paproth and Aleksandra Konopek.
The global final presentation with Prof. Neil Gershenfeld Director of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms was a success! Now we are looking forward to the Fab 13 in Chile and to receiving the FabAcademy Diplomas!

June 2017

Final photo of a FabLab event
After a great corporate event on graduation with orange juice and sparkling wine on the roof of the HRW. The FabLab team is looking forward to further cooperations.
Drohnenfoto vom Dach der HRW

Photo: Robert Reichert

June 2017

We have upgraded
The demand, especially in the open evenings, is so great that we have upgraded.
Currently there are 25 3D printers available!
In addition there are new robotic arms, AR glasses (VR we have several), Alexa, additional vinyl cutter and much more.  
Bild mit 3D-Druckern

Foto: Marcel Kellner

September 2015
Michael Schäfer gives a lecture about: „productorientierted Teaching“: How motivation und learning outcome could be increased through the use of FabLabs. 
More infos about FabLab Mobil and Kunst & Kabel :

FabLab mobil


August 2015
The HRW-Femtocopter is produced again.
Our smallest model for inspection in narroy environments.


August 2015 - The 11th Fab Lab Conference and Symposium
With a team of 5 persons we were at MIT in Boston and connected with people worldwide.

Bilder der Fab11

In the evening with colleges of FAULab at Pier 6 in Boston

pier6 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

June 2015
Python and FreeCad as an ideal combination to produce a 3D-QR-Code with a few lines of code.

3D QR Code

June 2015
HRW InnoLab was started
From students to students that's the motto of the HRW InnoLab. Led from Natalie Melnik and Marcel Kellner (more infos will come soon here).

The basic idea is shown in the following image (German).

Grundkonzept HRW InnoLab

May 2015
3D-Scan with flying coptersystems
Robert Reichert presents the 3D-Scan of whole buildings and the processing of "big data".

Demohaus 3d Scan UAV LOD from Robert Reichert on Vimeo.

May 2015
High-Tech-Elektronik-Development in the HRW FabLab
Christoph Nieß developed a new modular roboterelektronic for "Arnold".
(Picture: Daniel Bruns)


May 2015
Geodesic Dome


April 2015
Head at head
We scanned heads, edited and printed them.

gedruckte Köpfe

February 2015
Experients with heat-cameras in the FabLab